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Alliston appliance repair dishwasher stove fridgeHome Appliance Tips That Will Save You Money and can extend the life of your laundry and kitchen appliances!

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Kitchen Appliance Tips

DishwashersLow Wash-ability. Clean the filter screen by the lower spray arm.  Make sure the drain hose is not kinked.

Alliston fridge repair serviceRefrigerators Maintenance. Once every 6 months to a year take off the bottom kick plate and clean the condenser. Dust and pet hair will accumulate on the condenser and drastically lower the efficiency of your refrigerator thus raising your electricity bill.

Microwaves- Maintenance. Keep the inside of your microwave clean. A dirty microwave will cost more to run because the microwave will be heating up spills and splatter as well as your food or coffee!

Stove Ranges- Maintenance. If your Range is a self cleaning model DO NOT clean it will chemicals. The inside of your Range is designed to be cleaned by intense heat. Chemicals will (over time) destroy the oven liner.

Laundry Appliance Tips

Alliston washer dryer repair serviceWashers- Not Draining. Check the lint filter for obstruction and make sure the drain hose is not kinked.

Dryers- Not Drying Clothes. You can check the lint screen and the outside vent to make sure they are not obstructed.  Checking your venting for your clothes dryer is so important in the prevention of dryer fires.


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